Marc-Andre Fleury Will Decide If He Moves at the Deadline or Not

Only Marc-Andre Fleury Knows What He Will Do at the NHL Trade Deadline

Martin Biron joined SportsCenter with Jay Onrait, and when asked if Marc-Andre Fleury could be traded at the deadline, Biron stated it really is in the hands of Fleury himself and if he wants to move.

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Jay Onrait: “Did you know we’re exactly one month away from the NHL Trade Deadline, and teams need goalies for the stretch run? That’s why we brought in our resident goalie, Marty Biron, to talk about potential available goalies. I say potential Marty because Minnesota’s playoff hopes are dwindling at this point. Billy Guerin, their GM, might be very busy over the next coming weeks, but do you think that it will be Marc-Andre Fleury on the move before the deadline?”

Martin Biron: “It’s all in the hands of Marc-Andre Fleury to be honest with you, Jay. Listen, Marc-Andre Fleury would want to be a number one goaltender somewhere getting a chance to perform in the playoffs again. I don’t think that his performances and the way that he’s played this year would give him that opportunity.

He’s got a .897 save percentage, that’s way below the .904/.905 average around the National Hockey League. And there’s not a lot of teams that would say hey, listen, we need goalie help and let’s go get Marc-Andre Fleury to be that number one goaltender the guy that’s gonna win us a Cup.

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Now, he can be an insurance policy, a backup, maybe help you down the road, and if there’s an injury, he could get in there. But does Marc-Andre Fleury really want to move again and go somewhere just to be a backup in an insurance policy? I doubt that. Look, he may make the call in the end, and he has a month to talk to his family and his agent and his friends to say hey, if it was presented to me to go somewhere, would I take it?

Like if it is, you know the Carolina Hurricanes that are saying well, maybe Freddie Anderson comes back, so Marc-Andre, you will be an insurance policy to Pyotr Kochetkov if Andersen does not come back. Or is it a Colorado with Georgiev?

I think these options may be there, but Fleury is the end is going to make the call if he wants to move or not.”